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Architecture for Exhibitions and Events

We stage and design your upcoming tradeshow event, creating a spectacular brandexperience for your visitors worldwide. We optimise the given situation in the hall and workout the optimum for your exhibit booth. Enjoy the benefit of a clever infrastructure and outstanding functionality to manage your temporary show event to a maximum of ROI. Your briefing and your wishlist will be answered with creative results in 3D and a concept of spatial experience your customers will remember.

Production and Installation

Our 8 production facilities are wisely scattered around Europe in order to minimize Transport and to respond accordingly to local circumstances. We optimze the inflow of various trades and crafts into the complex booth situation by intelligent and digital building management tools. Experts and highly trained crews secure a rapid installation progress and finish their turn-key project ahead of time. It will be our pleasure to grant you a relaxing day at your perfect exhibition booth 24h before opening.

Architecture – Exhibitions – Shop-Concept – Display – Design

Originate from ideas, we create relevant and enduring Brand experiences

What is our scope of work? Tradeshow booths in Europe, Asia and USA. Experienced projectmanagement and local production where feasible. Outsourcingpartner for Agencies and Partners. Superior craftsmanship for customer events in fashion and luxury segment. Precision at work, meeting high levels of expectation and levelled reliability over time.

What is on top? Design and Conceptual work. Flagshipstores and shopdesign. Display and Productdesign. Projectsteering of complex temporary or permanent installations inclusive of greater multitude. Planning and Managing of large events, inhouse productshows and tech-days.

What is the benefit? Ease and calmness for your company. Relieve and assurance within your Marketingteams. Costcontrol and Budgetadherence for your Controlling. Comforting and attentive support throughout. And one Stress less.

exhibitions worldwide from the Americas to Greater Asia…

…we are ready to go

Your advantages

  • Brand architecture
  • Cost-benefit-ratio
  • Approved Builder
  • Premium Quality
  • German onsite management
  • local Production

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