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We are a full-service company for tradeshow events, museum interiors and exclusive exhibitions as well as pop-up-stores. We manufacture, deliver and manage your project to ultimate succes.

Legal Address

Petrol Design GmbH
Oberfeld 60, 82319 Starnberg

Phone: +49 173 7153 743

exklusive Hermès Wash + Go Laundryshop - Munich
Dallet - stark und verletzlich - Leopard -
inspiration - coloured pencils - Dallet templates -

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ex-Pico Management Europe - ex-Expotechnik Taunusstein

Helmut Riedler

Our core service is customer service. We support and manage your tradeshow project with utmost care and commitment until hand-over. An attentive stand-by service secures a smooth and fault-free infrastructure during the show. You receive any possible support in carrying out your brand experience at the show. And we promise you an unchallenged feeling of convenience and comfort, which you won´t want to miss again.

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