Contractor Service for Partners

We work like an internal department of your company and yet do not cause general overheads. Your company is generating revenue without any costs in human resources.
The number of your realized projects increases without any capital intensive investments. By increasing your turn-over, you reduce the cost per project by outsourcing-on-demand. Upon request, we run the complete process and conduct all sales and consulting activities in your name.

Architecture – Exhibitions – Shop-Concept – Display – Design

Originate from ideas, we create relevant and enduring Brand experiences

What is our scope of work? Tradeshow booths in Europe, Asia and USA. Experienced projectmanagement and local production where feasible. Outsourcingpartner for Agencies and Partners. Superior craftsmanship for customer events in fashion and luxury segment. Precision at work, meeting high levels of expectation and levelled reliability over time.

What is on top? Design and Conceptual work. Flagshipstores and shopdesign. Display and Productdesign. Projectsteering of complex temporary or permanent installations inclusive of greater multitude. Planning and Managing of large events, inhouse productshows and tech-days.

What is the benefit? Ease and calmness for your company. Relieve and assurance within your Marketingteams. Costcontrol and Budgetadherence for your Controlling. Comforting and attentive support throughout. And one Stress less.

exhibitions worldwide from the Americas to Greater Asia…

…we are ready to go

Your advantages

  • Brand architecture
  • Cost-benefit-ratio
  • Approved Builder
  • Premium Quality
  • German onsite management
  • locale Production

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General Manager

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Project Manager

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